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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Destined to be Yours Trailer Teaser

Watch Destined to be Yours Trailer Teaser. Alden and Maine will be having their first ever Teleserye Primetime on GMA Network.

Watch the teaser trailer and some best comments from AlDub Nation.

Watch Alden Richards Live in Hongkong

Alden Richards will be in HongKong for ONE FINE DAY with THE BAE @aldenrichards02 in HK.See posters for more details.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Watch Hahamakin Ang Lahat on GMA

GMA Drama: Isang ipinagbabawal na pag-ibig ang pagtitibayin ng malalim na pagkakaibigan. Ngunit paano kung ang tiwala ay mapalitan ng matinding poot?

#HahamakinAngLahat | October 31 on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Wowowin Most Funniest Question and Answer

Read the most funnies tQuestion and Answer in Wowowin. This is actually a reporst from facebook page "Tawa Pa More."

ACTUAL NA SAGOT SA PROGRAMANG WOWOWEE, dami kung tawa nito hahahahaha

#Q1: "Ano sa Tagalog ang teeth?"
A: "Utong!"
#Q2: Kung ang light ay ilaw, ano naman ang lightning?"
A: "Umiilaw!"
#Q3: "Kung vegetarian ang tawag sa kumakain ng gulay, ano ang tawag sa kumakain ng tao?
A: "Humanitarian?"
#Q4: "Sina Michael at Raphael ay mga."
A: "Ninja?"
#Q5: "Ano ang karaniwang kasunod ng kidlat?"
A: "Sunog!"
#Q6: "Magbigay ng sikat na Willie."
A: "Willie da pooh!"
#Q7: "Ang mga Hindu ay galing sa aling bansa?"
A: "Hindunesia?"
#Q8: "Anong hayop si King Kong?"
A: "Pagong!"
#Q9: "Magbigay ng mabahong pagkain."
A: "Tae!"
#Q10: "Saang bansa matatagpuan ang mga Canadians?"
A: "Canadia!"
#Q11: "Kumpletuhin - Little Red ____."
A: "Ribbon!"
#Q12: "Ano ang tinatanggal sa itlog bago ito kainin?"
A: "Buhok?"
#Q13: "Magbigay ng pagkain na dumidikit sa ngipin."
A: "Tinga!"
#Q14: "Anong oras kadalasang pinapatay ang TV?"
A: "Pag balita?"
#Q15: "Ano ang tawag mo sa anak ng taong grasa?"
A: "Baby oil?"
#Q16: "Saan karaniwang ginagawa ang mga sweets na ginagamit sa halu-halo?"
A: "Sweetserland?"
#Q17: "Sinong higanteng G ang tinalo ni David?"
A: "Godzilla?"
#Q18: "Ano ang mas malaki, itlog ng ibon o sanggol ng tao?"
A: "Itlog ng tao!"
#Q19: "Anong S ang tawag sa duktor na nago-opera?"
A: "Sadista?"
#Q20: "Blank is the best policy."
A: "Ice tea?"
#Q21: "Saan binaril si Jose Rizal?"
A: "Sa likod!"
#Q22: "Fill in the blanks - Beauty is in the eye of the ____."
A: "Tiger?"
#Q23: "Ano ang kinakain ng monkey-eating eagle?"
A: "Saging!"
#Q24: "Kung ang suka ay vinegar, ano naman ang Inggles ng toyo?"
A: "Baliw!"
#Q25: "Anong tawag mo sa kapatid ng nanay mo?"
A: "Kamag-anak!"
#Q26: "Saan nakukuha ang sakit na AIDS?" A: "Sa motel?"
#Q27: "Kung ang H2O ay water, ano naman ang CO2?"
A: "Cold water!"
#Q28: "Sinong cartoon character ang sumisigaw ng yabba dabba doo?"
A: "Si scooby dooby doo?"
#Q29: "Heto na si kaka, bubuka-bukaka."
A: "Operadang bakla?"
#Q30: "Ilan ang bituin sa American flag?"
A: "Madami!"
#Q31: "Ano ang tawag mo sa taong isa lang ang mata?"
A: "Abnormal!"

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Watch My Rebound Girl Full Movie Trailer

Sabi nila ang pag-ibig parang kape, minsan matamis, malamig, mapait, matapang at minsan sakto lang.

Ikaw anong timple ng kape mo?


Starring: Alex Gonzaga Joseph Marco

Also Starring: Martin Escudero, Nathalie Hart, Mitoy Yonting, Carl Guevara, Alora Sasam, Helga Krapf, Anna Vicente, Pinky Amador, Racquel Villavicencio, Lawrence Yap, Nico Nicolas

Directed by: Emmanuel Dela Cruz

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Watch Alden Richards in Money Wise on August 28

Watch Our Pambasang Bae was interviewed by MoneyWise host Mompreur Christine Bersola-Babao a.k.a. Ninang Dub.( Sunday, August 28, 2016).

Watch Alden Richards as he talks about he spends his time and his money "wisely".

Christine Bersola Babao turns Kapuso

Ms. Ms. Christine Babao Bersola & GMA Int'l FVP Joseph Francia after the formal partnership signing at GMA Network for Financial Literacy SHow, Money Wise.  Watch out for @moneywisetvph on #GMAPinoyTV!

For international airing starting this October. Good News for Team Abroad!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Imagine You and Me Full Trailer Released

Mag expect ng KIT habang pinapanood itong trailer K-ilig I-yak T-awa. See U in Theaters JULY 13.

Imagine You and Me (stylized as Imagine You & Me) is an upcoming 2016 Filipino romantic film directed by Michael Tuvierastarring Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards.

The film is to be released on July 13, 2016, 3 days before AlDub's 1st anniversary on July 16, under APT Entertainment, GMA Films, and M-Zet Productions.

Saturday, 18 June 2016


Watch BAKIT LAHAT NG GUWAPO MAY BOYFRIEND? Movie Trailer starring Paolo Ballesteros, Anne Custis and Dennis Trillo.

Movie Trailer will be posted here once it becomes available online.

Anne Curtis posted on her Official Instagram account:
annecurtissmithThe cast of "Bakit Lahat Ng GWAPO May BOYFRIEND?" Super excited to work with these 2 cuties ❤️ We start shooting next month with Direk Jun Lana 😍 I have a feeling this will be a happy set!
midp87 on Instagram says: Si AiAi nga palipat lipat ng channel. We miss you Pao sa Eb and surely you miss it too as much as us we miss you.. but ofcourse kailangan unahin ang career ang pag hanap buhay we have to understand that. We' ll support anyways. We love Pao!
A photo posted by Paolo Ballesteros (@pochoy_29) on

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Watch Mariz Umali binastos nga ba ni Pres. Duterte?

Ms. Amriz Umali posted the controversial incident on her Facebook account. News anchor Raffy Tima scores #Duterte for catcalling his wife, reporter Mariz Umali, during a presscon in Davao.

“Some jokes are funny and should be laughed at but disrespecting women is definitely not one of them.” - @raffytima
Catcalling My Wife Is Wrong In So Many Levels I expected that from a Mayor Duterte. I know his reputation well enough not to be shocked by it, but that does not make it right. For someone who espouses leadership by example, catcalling anyone in a press conference with all cameras trained on him defies logic. Then again, thats Mayor Duterte. What appalled me even more was how some people in the room reacted. Most laughed, others made teasing noise and basically urged the mayor to dish some more! And he did. I do hope none of them were journalists because if they were, shame on them. When you see or hear anyone say something wrong you do not encourage it, you do the opposite. Or in that particular instance at least, they should have kept quite and in their silence gave the message that what the mayor did was wrong. Some jokes are funny and should be laughed at... but disrespecting women is definitely not one of them

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